21 April 2011

Change is Hard and a New Blog

In order to protect the littles that live in my house, it's been recommended that I password protect any and all pictures and identifiable information.  The frustrating part of that is that if I stay on blogger, I have to password protect the whole blog....so I'm switching to Wordpress, where I have the option of password protecting individual posts.

You can find that blog here:  www.ripplesfromrachel.com. You have the option there of subscribing by email.  I'm going to assume that all those who subscribed to my blog before would like to continue...so I'll input your email addresses.  You'll get an email asking you to verify by clicking on the link. If you want to continue receiving the emails, go ahead and click on the link...if not, you have an easy way out.  On a password protected post, you'll have to put in the password...so email me for it...don't be discouraged!

Now...I've become somewhat proficient at navigating blogger...and I do not understand wordpress at all.  That could be blamed on sleep deprivation and a host of other things, but...if anyone has any wordpress skills, please let me know! :)

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